First Lieutenant Chanai Pongsupha was born on 28 th July 1941. During his school days at Mathayom Suksa level at Wat Mongkut School, he helped his family, particularly his mother to sell food. He also sold lottery results called riengbar

in front of Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium to supplement the family’s income. His association with boxing thus arise due to his selling lottery results at the stadium.

He finally became a Muay Thai Boxer debuting at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium under the tille ‘Issaradej Wongtavej”. Thereafter, he joined the Army and attained the rank of a private in 1962, attached to First Infantry Division.

He was married to Miss Krongkaeo Sriwattana in 1964 and the couple produced 3 children, namely, Mr. Thakoon Ponsupha, Mr. Torsak Pongsupha and Miss Sasithon Pongsupha.

Private Chanai Pongsupha in those days and rising to First Lieutenant set up a boxing gym called Suan Miskwan. Regardless he had to use the space in front of Sommanas Temple for his MuayThai Boxers to practice boxing. Due to his love of boxing and endeavor, he had several boxers at this gym which became a standard boxing camp. Among his tutelage, the first to content for championship was Buriram Suan Miskwan in whose steps followed other boxers called Nakhon Sawan and Noom Thanong. In passage of time, the gym began to grow as more boxers joined. Thereafter, the boxing gym moved to Ladprao Lane No.130. At this juncture, Sasiprapha Gym began to rise and currently under the sponsorship of General Akkradej Sasiprapha, the business of boxing continues to progress steadily. From Muay Thai Boxing, First title ‘Osothsapah Association’ and at that time he became the coach of the boxing team of Thailand, culminating in Thai boxing team competing at Olympics and earning an Olympic Medal. He also succeeded in grooming Torsak Ponssupha, his son to become Champion and wore the WBF Belt.

Achievements of First Lieutenant Chanai Pongsupha in Muay Thai Boxing as well as international boxing are as follows:

1. Buriram Suanmiskwan became Champion at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in 1980.
2. Noomthanong Suanmiskwan became Champion at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in 1982.
3. Nakhon Sawan Suanmiskwan became Champion at Lumpini Boxing Stadium in 1985.
4. Maeopa Suanmiskwan became Champion at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in 1990.
5. Kongdej Jor Viraj became Champion at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in 1991.

International Professional Boxing.
1. Fah Khamroon became Champion of Rajdamern Boxing Stadium in 1982.
2. Paktai Liovitan-d, became Champion of OPBF.

International Amateur Boxing.
 1. Grabbed the Trophy for Amateur Boxing Championship of Thailand for 3 years in a row.
2. Snatched the Trophy t the 6 th King’s Cup Boxing Competition.
3. Tavee Amphorn Maha earned a Silver Medal at the Olympics in 1984 in USA.
4. Pajorn Mullasan of the Camp earned a Gold Medal at Olympics in South Korea in 1988.
5. Another Olympic Bronze Medal was earned by Vichai Khapoh in 1996 (who went by the title of Chitchai Lukearthit in Muay Thai Boxing).

Subsequently, First Lieutenant Chanai Pongsupha transferred some of his Business and responsibilities to his eldest Son, Thakoon Pongsupha who returned to Thailand after studying in USA to manage the Boxing Camp in 1990.

Looking at the lustrous personal history of Thakoon Pongsupha born on 24 th

May 1967, he has one brother and one sister. He had his education at Suan Miskwan School at primary level, and finished middle school at Pannaphan Vidhaya from where he progressed to high school in USA where he finally completed formal education.

Once again in Thailand, Mr. Thakolon Pongsupha entered boxing areana under Muay Thai Title, Payad Lampong Pongsupha, debuting at TV Channel 7 Boxing Stadium. His record ran into 10 contents. During his stay in USA, he led a team of Thai boxers and clashed with other boxers in what is called Kick Boxing in 1983. At this contest, Thakoon Pongsupha emerged the winner by points over the American boxer. Back in Thailand, here married Miss Annavadee Chusaengthong and produced on child, namely Master Rathkampol Pongsupha.

For Thakoon Pongsupha, Muay Thai Boxing has been in his blood since he was a very young person. The love of boxing grows in the passage of time and so it was natural for him to take over boxing management from his aging father. He is a dedicated to boxing striving to further the interests of Muay Thai in which he has became a recognized personage. Looking at his professional career, those in boxing circles could not miss his achievements as follows:

1. Pongsak Lukearthit earned ‘Antacin Championship Competition’.
2. Lungsuan Phanyuthphoom, carried 3 championship belts at Lumpini Boxing Stadium in 1990 and he also received Best Thai Boxer Award in 1990.
3. Sukhothai Sasiprapha earned 3 championship Belts at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in 1994.
4. Si Sajjanalai Sasiprapha became Muay Thai Champion in 1995.
5. Saeng Arthit Sasirprapha Gymp was crowned Muay Thai Champion in 2003.
6. Klangsuan Sasiprapha was Mauy Thai Champion of Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in 2004, he concurrently was the Muay Thai Champion of Thailand.
7. Pavaris Sathienyinyong comes into prominence as Champion of Channel 7 Color TV in 2005.

 Achievements In International Boxing Circles.
1. Torsak Pongsupha earned WBF Title.
2. Assawin Sasiprapha Gym earns Championship at Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium.
3. Vichan Polarit, earned Olympic Gold Medal in Sydney in year 2000.
4. Netr Sasiprapha Gym, professional boxing champion of PABA in the year 2005.Mr. Thakoon Pongsupha took some Muay Thai Boxers for competition and for disseminating the Art of Muay Thai overseas where Thai boxers completed with foreign boxers. Such boxing contests were warmly welcomed by foreign boxing fans. Currently, Sasiprapah has foreign member from 15 countries who came to Thailand to learn the art of Muay Thai .

Based on the aforementioned achievements of the father (First Lieuteneat Chanai Pongsupha) and the Son, Mr. Thakoon Pongsupha, it attests to the existence of this Boxing Stadium that has promoted Muay Thai for 43 years and enhanced the national image in this sport and they truly are an asset to Sasiprapha Gym. Moreover, Sasiprapha has set its eyes on greater horizons. The undersigned, Thakoon Pongsupha express my determination to enhance the reputation of Sasiprapha Gym forever.

Finally, I and my family including boxers at Sasiprapha Gym express our deepest respects to First Lieutenant Chanai Pongsupha who passed away on 16 th June 2001.

May his soul rest in place in Heaven.



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