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Thakoon seminar with Ralf Kenpokan Germany 2007
Thakoon seminar with Finn Zansshin Dojo Germany 2007
Teach and show Wai Kru
Teach and show Wai Kru
Thakoon teach technique
Thakoon and Neth PABA champion with MR. Ko Kokiat Promotion
thakoon with Shane Cadogan WPMF champion 2007 for the King Birthday
Thakoon with Boss General Ekadaj Sasiprapa
Micheal Bisping MMA came to train Muaythai for standing fight
Neth Sasiprapa training
Clinch work

Hilary train with elbow technique

Hi lary sparring with Thai fighters
Jo training knee technique

Jo training elbow technique

Sasiprapa gym training area

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